• Busbee Home

    This project was a two story addition off the side of the house. This is a fun filled family home that currently functions well for their small children and will adapt perfectly as the kids grow up.

  • Zoder-Morrison Project

    This Charlotte renovation project took the existing old world house charm and combined it with more contemporary finishes and selections to modernize and brighten the space.

  • Estate Design: Under Construction

    This new residence is designed to entertain and accommodate a full house of family and guests. Guests and homeowners enjoy a luxurious, resort-like environment. All while enjoying the amazing lake views.

  • The Mehta Project

    Creative Design Solutions created a custom new build home for the Mehta project. The house was designed with optimal storage solutions throughout with everything from a hidden walk in pantry to custom mudroom and office cabinets.

  • Bathrooms

    When are remodel a master bathroom, we take into consideration the lighting you wish to have in your new space, the design aesthetic of the finishes and the storage functionality.

  • Angelichio-Zachman Home

    At the Angelichio-Zachman’s, Creative Design Solutions created an open kitchen to the keeping room which flowed to the dining room creating continuity throughout the home's interior.

  • Bowman Home

    At the Bowman home, Creative Design Solutions changed the architectural style of the house by replacing all exterior siding and windows. We worked with the homeowners to select all the finishes and colors for the home.

  • Hobson Home

    The Hobson residence began as a full renovation with an addition of a second story. However, in the middle of the project it became a better option for the client to tear down the existing structure and build a new home.

  • King Home

    For the King home, Creative Design Solutions changed the architectural style of the house with both additions and interior renovations. We also changed the architectural style of the house and the home’s color palette.

  • Portfolio Variety

    Creative Design Solutions is proud to have worked on a variety of projects with families throughout the Charlotte area. We work on interior renovations, external renovations and we also help our clients choose all of their colors and finishes. Have a look.

  • Kitchens

    Remodeling a kitchen involves more than just updating appliances and providing a modern feel. Creative Design Solutions focuses on designing for the functionality of your kitchen space.