If you are looking to design and build or renovate your own home, it is often difficult to decipher who the right resource is to help you with the structural components and the functional design aspects. There are a lot of professionals you can call on, but designing your dream home is a labor of love and you want to end up with a space that you can really live in. Most confusing can be the choice between Architect and Architectural Designer. Allow us to shed some light on the differences and describe Heather’s background as it relates to both of these professions.

An Architect is a person who plans, designs and oversees the construction of buildings. Architects go to architectural school and study and practice under licensed architects. Their formal education focuses on designing buildings for a variety of purposes including office buildings and homes, but they focus on the structural aspect of building . It’s important to know that not all architects are licensed because they are not required to take their professional exams to practice. Registration with a statute body such as A.I.A. is reserved for licensed architects. Licensing varies per jurisdiction.

Architectural Designer 
An Architectural Designer is a person that is involved in the design of buildings. They have skills similar to architects but may not hold the same degree or recognition from a statutory body. (ex. A.I.A.)  At Creative Design Solutions, Heather is considered an architectural designer. An architectural designer cannot seal their own plans, but can perform all other functions of an architect. We partner with a structural engineer for all of our projects where parameters exceed local building codes.

Designing a Home to Live In
Heather does not just practice the design of architec ture  or interior design. She is more than all of these because she has the combined skills. She has her associates degree in Architectural Drafting and has a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design. She puts that background into her work as an Architectural Designer. She works together with the builder and structural engineer to de velop plans that are sealed and meet code. She is trained to look at both structure and interior design to create a dream space that you want to live in and that functions for your family’s needs. She uses her training in Interior Design to create a home that is functional from the placement of your outlets to the layout of your kitchen. She practice specialized training that focuses on the kitchen and bath design. Sustainable design considerations are represented in her ReGreen certification focusing on passive solar design. Lighting design is another special area she covers as natural and artificial light are considered in all designs.

Effective Progress
Working in conjunction with her clients , Heather puts client needs and preferences into the functionality and design of homes she is hired to create or renovate . She discusses details such as placement of furniture, outlets andwindow covering to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. When planning each space, Heather’s goal is to create a room that is easy to live in, esthetically pleasing and feels like home. There is no need to hire an architect, interior designer and other design specialists when Heather has all of the skills and years of experience in her repertoire. As a result, she makes it easy and more effective for the builders she and the home owner partner with, because they can work with just one person instead of coordinating with different design professionals.

Passive Solar Design & Reuse or Recycle
Heather’s qualifications include a ReGreen Certificate, giving her a specialty in lowering your carbon footprint and the energy cost of your home. She loves designing homes for clients, and personalizing them for each individual or family. Like buying a vintage car, you are buying a product that is personalized for you and is unique and different and anything but cookie cutter.

If you are looking for a home that is beautiful and functional, and want to work with an innovative designer, contact us to set up a consultation. And, stay tuned for next month’s listing of updated services!