In June 2022, Heather was appointed by the Charlotte City Council to serve on the board of the Historic District Commission. Historic preservation is a life-long interest and dream of Heather’s and she’s honored to be a part of this commission for the next three years.
“I’m super excited for this opportunity because for years, I’ve been on the other side of the table while presenting client projects to the board.” – Heather Wojick
The goal of the Historic District Commission is to safeguard the heritage of the city by preserving areas and structures that are a significant part of Charlotte’s cultural history. The board meets every month to review and approve various projects within the 7 districts deemed historical within the city of Charlotte. The one thing that surprised Heather was how much time the board spends reviewing each project submittal.
“When you present your project, you’re only in front of the review board for a couple of hours. I never thought about how many project presentations they see in one day!”
She couldn’t believe the initial project analysis each board member goes through days before the monthly meetings begin. Luckily, not all projects are put in front of the review board. The HDC receives hundreds of submittals throughout the year. The less complicated ones are quickly reviewed and approved. Even something as simple as a new front door or exterior paint color needs to be approved on a historic home! The board only sees the complex projects that require the advice and expertise of the board members. Can you imagine if the board had to review and vote on every single project? It would be a full-time job for these volunteers! Heather’s proud to be among this team of experts who work hard to enrich the Charlotte community.
“I’m passionate about historic preservation and sustainability. They are both such an important aspect of my life and I feel lucky to call myself a board member for the next few years.”
There’s a lot of problem-solving that comes with the territory, especially since most of the homes have small overall square footage. Organizing and space-planning is Heather’s specialty and she welcomes the challenge! Creative Design Solutions typically work on one or two historic projects each year and it’s always such a delight to see these homes get transformed into functional space for growing families while keeping the integrity of the architecture. It’s truly a win-win for all parties involved!

Do you have a historic house in need of space planning and remodeling?

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