A new year brings an infusion of excitement, energy, and new design trends to explore. This year we’ll continue to see a shift away from all-white, neutral spaces as the desire for deep, saturated colors remains a priority. We also expect to see a continued focus on those small but impactful enhancements in the bathroom. Here are some of the other trends you’re sure to see dominate 2019:

The continued appearance of moody colors

We noticed this trend last year, and it will remain an important one in 2019. Lately our clients have been asking for darker kitchen cabinets or countertops. We’re also loving dark granites and marbles that are a refreshing break from the typical bright, white look. Feeling a little risk-averse? You might be more comfortable starting in the powder room or the butler’s pantry.

Local flair

Homeowners are still craving individuality in their living space. People are shying away from lighting, pottery, and accessories from big-box stores in favor of locally-sourced pieces. There’s also a focus on purposeful purchasing. Maybe it’s Marie Kondo and her Tidying Up show on Netflix that’s inspiring us all, but we’re noticing that rather than filling their homes simply because they have the space, our clients are selecting items that are useful and meaningful to them.

Mirrors and furniture with a soft aesthetic

Much like in last year’s post, in 2019 we’re going to continue to see mirrors and furniture with soft, rounded edges. These pieces are easy on the eyes and exude an inviting feel for visitors. They work well in all rooms of the house, too. Additionally, we’ve had an increasing number of clients ask for rectangular mirrors with curved corners in the master bathroom. They’re a nice blend between a completely rectangular shape and a rounder option.

The creative use of marble

Our clients are still loving an infusion of marble in their homes, but they’re getting more creative with the application. One homeowner recently added a beautiful floating vanity in her powder room, paired with a sculpted piece of marble as the backsplash. Selecting the same slab of marble for countertops, backsplashes, and shelving creates a modern, seamless look that our homeowners are loving this year. Many of our clients are also realizing that they don’t necessarily need all-marble countertops to achieve a luxurious look in their kitchen. Instead, they’re opting for uniquely shaped pieces of marble above the oven range, or are adding marble shelves to their space.

Floating vanities

We’re seeing more and more of these in master bathrooms, and expect the trend to continue throughout 2019. Typically you’ll see two sinks with no legs, making it easy to clean underneath. If you need storage, you can choose to add an open shelf underneath.

Wall-mounted toilets

This used to be a rare find, but this type of toilet is becoming increasingly popular. Maybe people are realizing they are much easier to clean and save you a significant amount of space in the bathroom!

Total wallpaper domination

Expect to see lots and lots of wallpaper this year! It took a while to make its way to Charlotte, but this trend definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. People are really thinking outside the box and are having fun with it. They’re doing multiple rooms in the house, including ceilings.

Enhancements in showers

In 2019, give your shower a little TLC. Our clients are loving steam showers, which feature floor-to-ceiling glass. They are also requesting integrated showers, which were a favorite last year, too. Larger, linear shower niches are also becoming a major trend, as they allow for easier storage of shampoos and shaving gels. 

Bold backsplashes in the kitchen

This year, expect to see a shift away from the white, subway tile look. This is a great compromise for those who aren’t quite ready to experiment with kitchen cabinet or counter color. You can try a muted gray, opt for geometric tile, or go for an old world, faded look.

Polished nickel

This probably comes as no surprise, but polished nickel is here to stay in 2019. It’s shiny, it’s warmer than chrome, and it plays well with others. Remember, you can easily mix metals!

Lighter flooring

Expect to see a shift this year, with a focus on lighter hardwoods. You’ve got a lot of options in flooring, but we’re seeing this warm, light birch tone continue to come up again and again. Even some of the laminates are recreating this textural and beachy look.

Did one of these trends leave you feeling inspired to get to work on your own home? Let’s brainstorm! Email Heather@CreativeDesignSolutions.Info or call us at 704-708-4466.