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2018 Interior Design Trends

Whether I’m flipping through a design magazine or meeting with clients about their vision for a new project, I’m noticing a few major design trends continue to pop up this year. These elements are bringing an exciting energy to our 2018 work, and our clients are looking forward to enhancing their living spaces.

In early February, I attended a course at the Duke Mansion called “Using Architectural Millwork to Create Inspiring Interiors” where designers learned how to create inspired rooms using the most current moldings and profiles available today. The Duke Mansion was the perfect setting to use as a source of classic inspiration. This course was right in line with this year’s growing trend of using millwork throughout the home.

If you’re in the mood to change up your home this year, these areas of focus are the perfect place to begin. 

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2018 Trends

Color, and lots of it
Last year was all about a sparse, minimal look, with plenty of soft colors and neutrals. Grey was definitely having “a moment.” This year, it’s time to bring color back. We’re seeing lots of rich, bold hues and wallpaper (yes, wallpaper!) with big prints. If you’re going to add some color to your home, select saturated colors that make the room feel special and highlight the architectural details.

Bringing authenticity back to the home
Homeowners are all about bringing a unique style to their space. This means sourcing local artisan products such as accessories, furniture, light fixtures and textiles. Clients can easily add character and warmth to a space with artwork, baskets, pottery, and various handmade accessories.

Curved, circular shapes
From fixtures and faucets to furniture and mirrors, you’ll notice that everything is circular in 2018. The softness of these pieces turns your living space into a warm, cozy nest. Your visitors will also appreciate this, because your house won’t seem like a museum where you’re constantly about to get shushed by disapproving guards.

The popularity of millwork features
Clients are turning their attention to detail, and are loving millwork features.You’ll see plenty of wall paneling and crown molding. You’ll also notice a resurgence of appliedmolding, which features narrow strips of molding applied to the walls and gives a very French or Italian feel to the room. In 2018, ceilings are also stealing the spotlight. Families are loving reclaimed ceiling beams, and continue to ask for coffered ceilings or even ceiling medallions, particularly in the main living space. We love these because they offer a noticeable, immediate change, but don’t require a major financial investment.

Notable kitchen trends
Remember in your favorite ’80s sitcoms when you’d see the whole family gather at a breakfast table placed right in the middle of a kitchen? Our clients are enjoying this same concept once again. They’re ditching kitchen islands in favor of a large table, which does double duty. We love the idea of turning your kitchen into a cozy nook to gather for good conversation and quality, screen-free time. As far as fixtures go, black matte hardware is everywhere. This pick plays well with everything, plus it’s an inexpensive way to give the space a facelift.

Major bathroom trends
Concrete accents are dominating bathroom trends. You’ll see them in tiles, on vanity tops, and even in toothbrush holders. This trend adds texture to a bathroom, and breaks up that white, often sterile look that had been popular in years past. If you’re looking for a bolder upgrade, you can give the integrated shower trend a try. It’s perfect for design risk takers. An integrated shower is when your bathroom floor and shower floor are a continuous surface, and features a minimal shower door. Suddenly you have a cohesive shower room.

If you’re dreaming about upgrading your space this year while simultaneously stressing about your bank account, there’s good news: you can make some of these improvements to your home without spending a lot of money. Changes like paint, fixtures, and hardware instantly transform the look of your home without requiring a major financial investment. Another added bonus? If you decide you’d like to mix things up again in a year or two, you can easily make another shift.


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