A Note From Heather

During an initial consultation, clients often ask if they need to hire a separate Interior Designer in addition to our services. The answer is usually no. We provide a lot of hands on support throughout all our projects.

Clients may not realize that I have both an Architectural Drafting degree and Interior Design degree. When I’m drafting a space, I’m also thinking about how the permanent materials will look in the room as well as the furniture placement. I listen to what materials and colors the client is asking for in their new space and take it all into consideration. We do our best to help you make decisions on the big ticket items in your renovation like countertops, tile, cabinetry, appliances and paint. Once these materials have been selected, we also help you pick the smaller items such as plumbing, lighting, hardware and mirrors that will really bring the space together.

Our clients are comforted knowing they are partnering with an interior and architectural design firm that can envision the entire feel of the interior space while keeping flow and function in mind. All details, big and small, come together in the end to create a cohesive and livable space. We share more about our talents in this month’s newsletter below!

We strive to provide as much as possible for our clients!

How to Blend Interior and Architectural Design for Stunning Spaces

People have different ideas of what they consider to be the interior design aspects for their home. Some may think it’s simply styling a space with furniture and accessories. Other people believe that interior design encompasses the entire home remodel process from architectural details and materials to color scheme and flow of the space. We fall into the latter category.

Our team can help you realize the vision you have for your new space while working on the larger details of your renovation. Your personal taste and style can all be reflected in the big, expensive choices in your home just as easily as the smaller details. We are here to serve as a guide and to offer advice along the way.


You Maintain Control of Your Project
One question that clients ask about our services is whether they need a separate interior designer. As our client, you get the best of both worlds. We can do the full product specification of a large project and we can also help you decide on the details, such as paint colors or placement of sconces. Where we usually recommend an interior designer in addition to our services is if you would like someone to help you decorate the space with the final touches. This means styling the space with furniture, rugs, decorative accessories, art and so forth.

Assistance with Material Selection
Picking out the right materials can bring the whole design together. We love to spend time with our clients to help them select the materials that offer a cohesive style to the space. While everything in the room doesn’t need to match perfectly, we can ensure that the materials that you select don’t appear overwhelming or clash with other elements of the space. We’ll go with you to make selections or even send ideas along online to help you narrow down your design choices. This ends up being a very collaborative and fun process!

Individualized Service
We offer individualized services for clients no matter what stage they are in during the renovation process. You may just want a second pair of eyes to make sure the interior and architectural design is coming together, or you may feel lost with all of the choices and want more comprehensive support. We work with you and your vision to make the right choices for your home as we want you to love your design selections.

We organize your big ticket items for your project in order of priority:

  • Countertops
  • Cabinets (style and color)
  • Tile
  • Paint
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Hardware
  • Mirrors

Sizing is also important for your renovation project. We take your existing furniture into consideration in our conceptual drawings. If you are worried about whether the furniture will fit in the new space, we can lay them out directly onto the drawings to offer you a visual representation. This is called space planning. In addition to placing new or existing furniture, we also help with appropriate sizing of lighting, mirrors, hardware, plumbing fixtures and any other items you need to fit within your space.

Cost Solutions
No client wants to go over their renovation project budget. We do our best to assist our clients with their renovation budgets by being a part of trade partnerships. Sometimes we are provided discounts to our trade and we pass the cost savings on to you whenever possible. We can save you money by:

  • Offering trade discounts that may be available online to our company for lighting, hardware, mirrors, window treatments, etc.
  • Helping our client’s select less expensive alternatives that they may not know about. We have many great local resources.

We know it’s often a concern that the interior and architectural design will be too trendy or will become out of date in a few short years. We choose timeless design elements that fit into your preferences – without following too closely the current trends. We don’t want you to worry about spending more money redoing your house design in a few years because it’s out of style!

We are currently scheduling initial consultations for new clients. If you need help in managing a renovation or new build project and material selection, call us at 704-708-4466.