2017 Interior Design Trends

Hygge {pronounced HUE-GAH} is a Danish term that describes that feeling of creating warmth and comfort. It’s a feeling that comes from taking pleasure in making ordinary moments more meaningful and beautiful. This mood can be reflected in rooms that are not quite worn out but also not new and shiny. There’s something welcoming about a bench with years of paint layers peeking through. This is the epitome of Hygge. So, we ask, what is the feel of your home?

In 2017, interior design is moving away from a modern, minimalist look and evolving into a more organic feel. Textures and colors are being mixed and spaces are meant to feel lived in and cozy.

Here are some examples of 2017 Interior Design Trends:

Lines and shapes – everything will be curved this year. Round mirrors, coffee tables, rugs. This provides an inviting, soft feeling.

Textures – furniture is shifting to extreme comfort and yet still maintaining a clean look while following the “athleisure” trend. Jersey is in. Quilting is in. Materials you can touch like fuzzy pillows are in. You are going to see lots of rattan, woven goods, rope and worn out wood.

Layering – color tones are now being layered to create texture and feel. For instance, if you have a gray couch, pair it with patterned or textured black and white pillows.

Style – Mid-Century will stay on trend because of it’s timeless nature but you will see more of an emphasis on art deco furniture and furnishings with curved lines and organic forms in 2017.

Finishings – mixed metals, aged brass and (even more so) aged bronze finishings will be popular. This year will see an increased interest in materials remaining unfinished and an emphasis on mixing these materials. Tables with inlaid materials, different types of legs and even perforated metals will be used, for instance.

Wood – dark wood is coming back for floors, furniture and accents.

Geometric – you will see lots of fun colors and geometric shapes for tile backsplashes, wallpaper and more. Diamond shapes are always timeless but 2017 trends show them in fun, updated colorways.

Colors – 2017 will see an increase in jewel tones, saturated greens and a continuation of black and white. Visit Pantone’s Color of the Year page for samples of new color palettes. Also, you will start to see black stainless steel appliances, faucets, hardware, marble and subway tiles. Hardware will be un-laquered so it ages over time and shows the patina, which relates back to the concept of organic growth.

Functional Furniture – additional storage space built into ottomans, benches, chests and other types of functional furniture will be on the market this year.

As we continue to transition into this year, we will see some previous trends fall away. Trends on their way out include:

  • Industrial looks such a piping, edison bulbs and hard lines.
  • Boho inspiration will yield to more singular color palettes but the textured appeal will stay.
  • Chevron. We’ve had it for a few years now and it’s being replaced with more diamond and geometric patterns.
  • Shiny materials. 2017 is all worn patinas and aged metals so we will be moving away from shiny metals and finishes.

Design trends for 2017 will be about creating a full sensory experience. Bring about the feeling of comfort and warmth with layers and texture. Your space should make you and your guests feel happy. If something doesn’t work in your space, ask yourself why. Consider making a list of thoughtful changes in your space. 2017 is all about making your surroundings more special and meaningful. Have fun!