A Note From Heather
Our favorite time of year is here! Seasonal planting!

The weather is getting warmer and I bet you are spending more time outside between these mild cold snaps. That means you are likely planning some spring projects in your gardens or maybe even dreaming up a new hardscape or patio for your home. Need a guide on what to plant? Click here! Ready to talk about a new patio or hardscape? Give us a call. Now is the time to start getting those projects underway.

If you are planning an upcoming renovation, we have some very important information for you to consider that could save you from some costly mistakes! Read on to find out more.

Hope you enjoy!

Taking a Whole House Approach to Renovation

If you’ve never undertaken any home renovation project or worked with an architectural or interior designer before, you probably don’t realize that the key to the most successful remodeling experience lies in your willingness to adopt a whole house approach to every phase of your renovation. When we talk about the “Whole House Approach,” we understand that it may not be financially feasible to remodel every room simultaneously. We want to show you how planning ahead can actually save you money down the road.

The Advantages of Hiring an Architectural Designer
Perhaps you’re a first-time homeowner who bought an affordable home, knowing that you’d have to remodel the entire house to transform it into a comfortable living space. Maybe you bought an older home, intending to remodel it a bit at a time. Or, perhaps you’ve been in your home for a while and it’s just time to make some upgrades throughout. Either way, the reality of any home renovation, whether it’s large or small, is that most homeowners don’t have the resources they’d need to make it possible to repair, remodel or redesign the functionality of an existing home as a one-time project.

When you work with us, we will talk to you about your current and future remodeling plans. We believe that a more prudent way to go about any large-scale home renovation is to allow us to guide you as we come up with the design plans for additional rooms or particular areas as we draw up the plans for the current project you are planning.

Where Homeowners and Contractors Make a Mistake
We’ve encountered too many scenarios where owners assume that there is no point in addressing anything that isn’t related to the renovation they are about to undertake. If a homeowner is insistent on not planning ahead they may not realize that they’re wasting money on materials and labor down the line when they’re ready to take on the next remodeling project. The most unfortunate consequence of not looking at the entire renovation is the need to undo some of the things that wouldn’t have been done during the first project if a whole house plan was drawn up before any work began.

For instance, if your laundry room is off of your kitchen and we are just focused on the kitchen this time, you may lose square footage in your laundry room later or we may have to move plumbing we’ve already addressed with the kitchen remodel or electrical work to get your laundry room set up the way you want it in the future.

Bottom line: we want to save you time, money and frustration in the long run!

The Extent of Services You Get When Your Work With an Experienced Designer

  • We see our initial consultation as a chance to talk to you about your hopes, dreams and expectations beyond the project we’re about to start together.
  • We encourage you to let us create the initial drawings for your future renovation projects. When we focus on the bigger picture, we will come up with creative solutions that will eliminate costly problems you’d encounter at the beginning of another overhaul. And, when we do decide to move forward on a project in the future, we are already in touch with your production selections and design aesthetics. Win-win!
  • We want our clients to love their new space. That’s why we believe in the importance of explaining product options, from cabinetry to flooring and everything else in between.
  • During many residential renovation projects, regardless of the scope, there can be a lack of communication between the designer, the contractor and the homeowner. Here at CDS, we’ve learned how to coordinate projects with builders and contractors.When contractors and designers team up to work together, there won’t be any miscommunication problems and we can often save you time and money in the project.

If you want your renovation to turn your home into a comfortable, functional and beautiful sanctuary, then you need to work with an innovative designer who looks at the whole picture rather than one room at a time. Call us today at 704.708.4466 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.