Spring is here, which means it’s the perfect time to welcome visitors to your home. Before friends and family pull into your driveway though, you’ll want to take a minute to consider your property from a visitor’s perspective. Here are some key areas to focus on to ensure that your home provides a warm greeting to everyone who arrives.


There’s often something uncomfortable about pulling up to a house you’ve never visited before. Is it okay to park in the driveway? Am I blocking anyone in? Fortunately, there are a few things a homeowner can do to make a guest’s arrival instantly comfortable and intuitive. If you’ve got enough space, a circular driveway is the perfect way to provide ample parking as you guide the flow of traffic in and out of

your home. If space is limited, not to worry. Parking pads are an ideal alternative. A parking pad sits off to the side of your driveway and holds two SUV-sized spots. This feature makes it easy for visitors to get in and out, and continues to be a popular request.

We’re also seeing a return of the porte cochere, a covered awning large enough for a car to pass through. It’s attached to the side of your home, right off the driveway. More attractive than a carport, these were ultra-trendy about five or 10 years ago and are back on homeowners’ “must-have” lists once again.

Many people find that revamping their home’s parking setup inspires them to change up their walkways. When we build a parking pad, for example, we typically also need to create a path that runs from this area to the main walkway. You can also construct a path to usher guests directly to your side door, if that’s your preferred entrance. Whether you choose brick, gravel, or concrete is totally up to you. The important thing is to ensure you’re making it clear to your guests where they’re supposed to go once they leave their cars.


Your home’s doors communicate a number of messages to guests, so make sure the signals you’re sending are correct. For example, if you never want someone to see your packed-to-the-gills garage, think about what will happen if you constantly leave your garage door open. When company arrives, they may think you’re indicating that this is the preferred entrance. Suddenly, anyone and everyone is peeking at your smelly, gas-stained floors and overflowing collection of tools on their way into your home. To prevent this, many clients ask to install a side door that leads right to a mudroom instead. Those with detached garages may favor a covered breezeway that escorts guests right to the mudroom.

Basic curb appeal

While you’re taking time to consider what guests see when they arrive at your home, don’t forget to analyze your property’s overall curb appeal. There are a few questions worth considering as you’re sprucing up your home for spring, including:

  • How does my landscaping look? Perhaps you’ve got wilting bushes or weeds that need to be removed.
    Is it safe? Make sure your walkways aren’t treacherous to kids, elderly people, or those tottering in heels.
  • Is it inviting? There should be a clear spot for packages to be placed, and you don’t want guests standing out in the rain as they wait for you to answer the door.

Remember, you can give your home a major boost in curb appeal without spending a lot. Small touches like updated landscaping or a cozy bench can go a long way.

Your entryway

You’ve figured out the perfect parking arrangement. You’ve got a walkway to guide guests to the door. But now it’s time to focus on what actually greets visitors when they step inside your home. As you do this, think about the following questions: 

  • Is it well-lit?
  • Are there places to hang coats and place shoes?
  • Are there storage options?
  • Is there a place to wipe down muddy paws?

Speaking of pets, recently we’ve had a number of clients ask us to build out areas just for their four-legged friends, allowing them to neatly tuck dog crates out of sight. Regardless of whether you have animals at home or not, you’ll want to focus on creative ways to store items like backpacks and sports equipment. Take a minute to think of your home’s entryway from a visitor’s perspective. It should look inviting, and give a clear sense of direction about which way the home flows.

If you’re inspired to start sprucing up your home for spring, call us at 704-708-4466 or email He*****@Cr*********************.info to get started on freshening up your home.