We have seen some really fun projects during our nearly two decades in business. Our clients come up with lots of creative requests and we always enjoy finding a way to help.

This month we are sharing some of the best ideas we’ve seen and come up with for adding space, convenience and luxury to your home. We always recommend adding these types of features into the design phase of your remodel. Not only does it streamline the process, but it saves you time since your contractor will already be on site and redoing molding and paint anyway.

What would you add to your home to create more convenience and luxury?

Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Remodeling with Convenience and Luxury in Mind

The best time to add extra touches to your home is during the space planning phase and before construction work begins. It’s much easier to fit in some extra storage solutions before the contractor starts framing. Older homes were often built with special built ins and hidden storage spaces because the houses were smaller. While people generally had less stuff, they still needed smart solutions to their storage needs. These days, we’ve had to readjust our thinking when it comes to storage solutions because we have different needs and more stuff! Our clients want to hide cords and devices, trash and recycling bins, sports equipment and other large items. This is the time to really come up with some ingenious ways to give everything in your home a proper place. Now special features are making a comeback as discerning homeowners are taking notes from commercial and luxury spaces and bringing them into their own homes.

Ways to Incorporate Storage and
Luxury into your Remodeling Design

Use space under the stairs.
Stairs are a beautiful design feature, but underneath the stairs lies so much storage potential. The possibilities are endless. Imagine having a bar, office furniture, playroom, pull out drawers, or large closet underneath your staircase. This is a great place to get really creative.

Make the mudroom or laundry room even more versatile. 
Mudrooms are a great way to keep outside messes from spilling into the rest of the house. Their functionality can extend to even more uses. Try a personal locker for each person to keep things tidy. Add a charging station for kids to charge their electronic devices. Add even more storage for various sports equipment inside the mudroom and for the larger sports equipment, make an outside storage area close to the mudroom door. For laundry rooms, consider adding full closets with pull-out ironing boards or installing laundry chutes to avoid having to lug clothes downstairs. Or how about built-in pet storage, such as food drawers or bins, utility nooks, dog beds or even pet crates? In newer homes, there is lots of room to play with ideas for convenience.

Make your kitchen more convenient.
Try setting up a charging station so you can charge your phone or iPad while you prepare meals, look up recipes or enjoy a nice afternoon snack. Consider adding a built-in banquette to a breakfast nook to do double duty as an eating area complete with a storage bench.

Make your bathroom more livable.
We store a lot of things in our bathroom, from towels to beauty supplies. When you add extra niches and benches to your shower, you have more spots to add hair products, soap, and any other items you like to have in your shower. For kids bathrooms, consider installing a pull-out step stool at the base of the sink to keep the floor clear. A new trend that is emerging is to store make-up and creams in a refrigerated drawer or small refrigerator in a vanity. One luxury addition that our clients love is the addition of a fireplace near the bathtub to help you unwind after a long day.

Add more features to your loft.
Attics and lofts make great additions to your home to provide areas to sleep in, do work, or let children play. Consider utilizing your walls for extra storage with built-in bookshelves or even dressers.

Upgrade a bedroom or closet.
Closets help keep things out of the way. Even better is a secret closet that matches the trim of the walls where you can store your technology, a wet bar, litter boxes, collectibles, or anything else that you might want to keep out of the way. For a child’s room, add some extra space by adding in built-in beds with drawers underneath.

Have some fun.
Take a bonus area or room and turn it into a home theater room, game room, man cave, home gym, craft area, etc. Because we all need a place to unwind and relax at home at the end of a day or a nice weekend.

A little bit of planning beforehand can go a long way in helping make your home more convenient, fun, and luxurious. Call us at 704-708-4466 to find out how you can add style and convenience to your next house design project.