Living Room Heather’s Tip:

Are you feeling “stuck” at home? It’s the dregs of winter, we’ve all been spending way too much time indoors at home and the excitement of DIY projects has faded. What’s a good solution? I always tell my clients to rethink your spaces. Especially if something is not being used. Perfect example- we had a foosball table in the front room that was used about 10 times total over the year. We sold it and bought a pool table to replace it. It was a game changer! (pun intended!) For some reason, that’s all it took for everyone to start using that room. We put a record player in there too. Now family time is more fun with games of pool and music. Not a bad way to get through the dark and cold days of winter. While this isn’t exactly a home design trend, game tables in general are big sellers this year. The trends definitely seem to be taking what you have…and enhancing it. Let’s take a look at what else is popular for 2021.

Color and paint trends:

Warm and cozy is the overall feel. This is achieved with better seating arrangements, more comfortable seating and soft textiles. Colors are still trending towards greens and browns and other earth tones. Kitchen cabinets are starting to catch up with the color trends. Navy blue islands have been super popular over the past few years but we’re seeing all shades of green pop up in cabinetry. Homeowners are getting more daring with whole kitchen color versus simply dipping their toes in the water with an island color but keeping the perimeter neutral.

Green Cabinets

One of the biggest trends this year is plaster. Plaster walls, plaster cabinet boxes and plaster furniture. The plaster wall in the below photo shows a subtle texture that brings a softness to the walls. While this type of wall treatment can be expensive, adding a small plaster side table like the one in the following photo is a great way to bring some texture into your space. It will make your wallet happy too!

Plaster Furniture

Stained Concrete:

Many homeowners have concrete in their homes in the form of floors, countertops, sinks, tubs and tile. A fun way to change the existing concrete is to stain it in a different color. Why stick with plain old grey concrete when you can add a pop of color?

Stained Concrete

Wood Accents:

A new design feature popping up in 2021 is adding natural stained wood trim to walls. While this doesn’t seem outrageous, it’s a bit unusual because wood trim is typically installed when a house is under construction. This trend is something homeowners are adding to existing walls. Sometimes even over other wall treatments such as wallpaper. (yes, wallpaper is still very popular!) This all goes back to the “Granny Chic” vibe you see becoming more popular in home design. People are wanting less sparce rooms and are bringing in all sorts of elements and textures to create a warm space.

Wood Accent

Another wall treatment (and also cabinet door option) is something called a reeded accent wall. Instead of the ever-popular shiplap or beadboard, this is a new way to create interest on your walls. Just like with the plaster trend, reeded accents are also popular on furniture.

These are all unique ways to enhance your existing décor that are very popular for 2021. This doesn’t mean we’re dismissing all the big home design trends right now. We just felt like they didn’t need much explanation and actually are just continuing trends from last year. Most are a direct result of the pandemic and due to the fact that homeowners are spending more time at home. Here’s a quick list of what remains popular in home design and what our clients are continuing to ask for:


  1. Gazebos and Pergolas  
  2. Firepits or Outdoor Fireplaces
  3. Home Office Addition
  4. Outdoor Kitchens
  5. Big Sliding or Folding Glass Doors
  6. Closet Design and Organization
  7. Outdoor Spaces, especially pools and sport courts. *Secret Gardens too!
  8. Bigger Dining Rooms/Tables and Built-in Banquettes
  9. Reading Nooks
  10. Work/Hobby Sheds


If you’ve been thinking about making some changes to your home in 2021 (trendy or not!), feel free to reach out to he*****@cr*********************.info or call the office at 704-708-4466. Patience will be your best asset in 2021 as contractors are busy and materials are still delayed. It’s best to start planning early and have Heather help you get the designs ready so there won’t be any delays on your part when your contractor is ready to start demolition.