A Note From Heather
Client Experience

Photo from left to right: Juliana, Sonya, Heather and Lexi.

Photo from left to right: Juliana, Sonya, Heather and Lexi.

Hard to believe that the holidays are upon us already, isn’t it? Every year, we take a little time as we near the finish line to look back and reflect on all that we have and all that we have done. This year brought many happy memories that we want to share with you in our newsletter this month!

As our team has grown and our processes have evolved, we have especially been reflecting on our company mission. Most importantly, the concept that we represent your client experience from start to finish. It’s our job to take care of you throughout the entire project. We have worked hard to create a seamless process for you to walk through so that you understand each step along the way. Please know that we are here to guide you and support you throughout the duration of your project. We are so grateful for your business and look forward to more positive, successful client projects in 2017!

Remember to take some time out as the year draws to a close to just enjoy your time off and your families.

Happy Holidays!

2016 – A Year in Review

Looking back on 2016, we found that it was a special year full of expansion. Here are some of the highlights:

  • We expanded our team to bring an even more comprehensive full client experience to our working process.
  • We bid on and won a project to complete a new build of a 35,000 sq ft house. We are currently in the design process and can’t wait to share the progress with you throughout 2017.
  • Our client list has increased by almost double throughout 2016. This is the direct result of an expanding team and wonderful referrals from our builders and all of you! We also saw an increase in clients coming back for additional projects and renovations – and we have loved working with you again!
  • We have expanded our vendor resources, allowing us to bring you even more beautiful selections for your homes.
  • We have started collaborating with a cad resource who can do 3D modeling that we can now use on larger scale projects.
  • We have expanded our office space to accommodate our growing team.
  • We have been working to make the client process more transparent through our newsletters and on the website.
  • As we looked at the client experience we wanted to provide, we have moved into not just handling the design of the project, but being more of a facilitator for our clients throughout the entirety of the project.

On a personal note – Heather’s year in review:

  • My son, Brooks, started middle school this year and I can’t believe it!
  • I still have 2 cats and 1 dog as our office mascots. They are behind the scenes on all of your projects.
  • We took Brooks to his first official concert in the summer – Kenny Chesney. He loved it!
  • We revamped an area of our garden. I graded it by hand and we are making it a garden with a foundation and started establishing new plants in the area. We also added pavers that connect the pool to the lounge chair area.
  • I plan to add chickens to the family next year.
  • Brooks and I want to build a bigger pond in the yard. We are challenging ourselves to use recycled materials to build the retaining walls to define the space. Eventually we will add bass to it.

2017 goals:

  • As a team, we would like to establish even more vendor resources that are beneficial to our clients, while continuing to be affordable and offer the best quality of materials.
  • We, of course, always strive to be a service oriented business. We want to continue to improve our processes to offer you the best experience possible.
  • We are planning to work on more new construction.
  • We are vowing to be more diligent about getting “after” photos of our projects – so you might get a call from us soon!

In 2017, we plan to do a full Frequently Asked Questions section in our newsletter and on our website. Send us your burning questions at He*****@Cr*********************.info!